September 14, 2007

Hi! My gender identity doesn't match my biological sex!

A tip of the hat to Marti at Trans Group Blog (and, by extension, Bil at Bilerico) for calling our attention to the Traditional Values Coalition's new anti-ENDA cartoons. This one, for example, inspired the title of this post:

Don't get me wrong, I like me a sassy trans woman in a boa and opera gloves just as much as the next girl - but I guess I'm old-fashioned. I like my cartoons to be funny. Or, well, at least clever. Not like this drivel:

I mean, please. Yawn. (Also, Simon Aronoff is a hottie. Just sayin'.)

In all seriousness, though - the TVC is getting pretty hot around the collar about ENDA. And while Trans Group Blog is right to rejoice in polls saying that most Americans are pro-ENDA (which is to say, anti-workplace-discrimination), I can't help but feel antsy. We're not there yet, and if the omnipresent looming threat of gender-neutral bathrooms (I know, right?) was enough to derail something as straightforward as the Equal Rights Amendment, I'm not going to celebrate as long as there are still cartoons like this floating around and ENDA still hasn't been passed:Actually, with a few small modifications, I don't see what's so bad about some of the TVC's dystopian scenario here. But, hey, I'm a morally-bankrupt pervert.

But more importantly, I'm also a voter. And I called my Congressman today to politely urge him to support HR 2015, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. He's a good guy, and I think I talked to the same staffer this afternoon as I did when I called to thank him for voting against the Federal Marriage Amendment last year.

If you, like me, remain worried about whether ENDA will pass, there are things you can do to help:

- Go to and enter your zip code. (Results are more precise if you enter your zip+4, which you can find out at .)

- Call or write your Representative. Writing a letter is generally more persuasive, but takes longer to arrive; it's up to you. In your communication, make it clear that you are a constituent of the Representative, and that you are counting on him or her to support HR 2015, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. Make it short, simple, and positive - you have faith that the person you have elected will do the right thing, and you're just dropping a reminder.

- If you're short on inspiration, check out , a project of the HRC which offers sample letters and video clips to get you in the spirit. Maybe you have a personal story like Policeman Mike's - consider whether you might want to add it to your letter (if you're writing).

- Consider writing a letter to the editor. features an online tool which will locate your local media outlets and and provide you with some talking points to help get your letter rolling.

- Report back! Everyone loves to hear success stories (or get fired-up when people they know and love are mistreated), so drop a comment here to let us know what you've done and how you think it went. And, for pity's sake, if you have any art skills, will you please design a pro-ENDA cartoon with a little pizazz? I promise to post it if you do.


garçon-fille said...

Hey M.E.,
This is an extremely interesting and important post, and I really appreciate you including all those links to help get people started. One person's actions can entirely tip the scale, and if your post gets around enough, it might start a landslide. ::Forwards post to all friends::
Much love,

icarus said...

Hi! My gender identity doesn't match my biological sex!

And I'm a member of America's workforce!

Oh, wait, isn't that the whole point of ENDA?