September 28, 2007


I was in Widener today, and for no apparent reason, all I could think about was sex. I wanted to get fucked in philology and sexed up by Sumerian. If anyone had been there, I would have seduced them, but it was a tomb.

So I discovered tonight that all the books I brought home ended up being about sex. I have 15 books about Islam, linguistics, etc. and almost 10 of them are purely about sex. For example, Women and Sexuality in Muslim Societies is not a dry, boring tome (as, in fact, I thought it would be). In fact, it's half porn. I picked it up and found I was reading a short story about a women having lesbian sexual fantasies about her house - and her rivalry with the former female inhabitant, who wants to get back that lovin' feeling. (It's less weird than it sounds - Alifa Rifaat [1930-1996], "My World of the Unknown".) I flipped back and it was a collection of amusing comics from Arab newspapers by a particular artist, and every one of them was about orgasms. The works on Islamic mysticism are downright pornographic... even the hideously scientific Semitic Noun Patterns seems to draw its vocabulary quite heavily from the erotic. Lips, breasts, nipples, navels, pudenda, labia, clitorides; it's chock full o' sex.

I have no particular comment beyond the above. I just thought it was an interesting day and that Quench would appreciate it.

Oh, and I'm usually in 6 East by PJ if you want to text me. We can get it on on Maimonides. *wink* I won't tell no one.


emily2 said...



p.s. i think you need to get some.

emily0 said...

Yes. I clearly need to get some. Soon.

But still, it's an amusing story, no? I didn't even list all the books I had that were sexful.

tea cozy said...

OMG em0, I used to spend hours looking at sex manuals in hebraica whlie I was supposed to be working. widener makes me all hot and bothered. so glad I'm not the only one.