September 29, 2007

Blogger Challenge

Six Apart (the company that owns LiveJournal) is currently participating in Blogger Challenge to help raise money for schools and students. is a website that lets teachers list projects that they would like money for. People like us visit, choose a project, and give money.

The Blogger Challenge is calling on the blogging/blog-reading community to help give. It's easy, fast, and doesn't cost you a thing. Head over to LiveJournal's explanation to learn more, or just send an email off to They'll send you a gift certificate for $30 that you can use to donate to any project of your choosing. The only catch is that they're only giving out gift certificates until 5pm PDT on Monday.

Send an email! Give free money! Spread the word!

*gets off soapbox*

1 comment:

icarus said...

do you have any charities to suggest? does it have to be one of the charities listed? i want to donate, but i'm confused as to where to send the money.