September 26, 2007

Argentine Minor Approved for Sex Change

BBC is reporting:

Interesting article, with from what I can tell on a brief glance to be a fairly proper use of pronouns. And from what I've heard from other quenchistas, that's fairly rare in mainstream news.

It is apparently a landmark situation because Natalie is a minor. I did not realize this, but is it the case that such operations cannot be approved in the U.S. if you are a minor?

Also, how exactly did someone become "president of the Argentine homosexual community"? Just curious. :-P


icarus said...

it's interesting to learn more about how other countries are addressing the medical needs of trans people. i also don't know much about the situation with minors (there must be some BAGLY people around here who can enlighten us).

and i'll bet the president of the Argentine homosexual community could put our president to shame.

Anonymous said...

"Harry Benjamin Syndrome"?

maudite entendante said...

Anon -

Apparently "Harry Benjamin Syndrome" is an alternate name for GID/gender dysphoria/transness, which attempts to cast it as an intersex condition characterized by incompatible brain sex and genital sex.

It's also apparently not uncontroversial.




And Wikipedia redirects "Harry Benjamin Syndrome" to the article on "Transsexualism."

It seems as though the HBS movement wants to "normalize" transness by framing it as a purely biological condition. After all, if it's just the way your brain is made, then you can't be morally responsible for choosing to be trans ... nor are you mentally unsound. It's the ultimate extension of the "regular guy/girl with a birth defect between my legs" argument.


(... also, this article seems like it was originally written in some other language and translated into English, but I can't think why a BBC writer would have done that. Odd.)

Anyway, good for Natalie.