August 30, 2007

Bathroom Problem - awkward.

Our friends at Afropologë on Larry Craig:

what the hell is going on with the republican party lately? seriously. more republicans are gay these days than hippies. the remaining republicans who haven't been shamed by turning up as secretly gay, black, or female are like, who? george bush and karl rove? thats gonna make for a really awkward national convention.

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Also, there's a TV in the lobby of my workplace, which I can see from my desk. Every time - seriously, every single time - the news anchor starts discussing the Republican "Bathroom Problem", a crowd of people spontaneously appears around the TV. As soon as the segment is over, the crowd is gone. Over and over again all day.

Props to for the sweet visual aid.

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icarus said...

the GOP is SO awkward right now. i'm loving it.