July 06, 2007

Party for a cause!

How does the following sound?

  1. Vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry ice cream OR a non-dairy frozen option
  2. Toppings! Lots of yummy toppings! Chocolate chips, hot fudge, sprinkles, fruit, and lots more toppings.
  3. Outdoor fun.
  4. Old and new friends.

Come join us for only $5-10/person (sliding scale), and get the additional reward of knowing that ALL money you donate will go to the MA Transgender Political Coalition for its advocacy work. (Feel free to give more or to come just to be supportive if you can't afford otherwise.)

MTPC is working to pass House Bill 1722, An Act Relative to Gender-Based Discrimination and Hate Crimes, which would add "gender identity and gender expression" to Massachusetts' non-discrimination laws affecting employment, housing, credit, public accommodation, and public education, as well as the the hate crimes statute.

While we are happy to answer questions about MTPC and the legislation at the event (more information also available at http://www.masstpc.org/), this is intended to be a relaxed, fun get-together with ice cream as the focus (so feel free to bring friends, family, roommates, etc along even if they're not so interested in the politics). Because we want this to raise money for MTPC, We're happy to have people there just for the ice cream. Sunday, July 8 (Yes, this Sunday!) 2:30 pm until at least 630 or 7.

Email any quench writer or quench.zine@gmail.com for the location!

But if you want to come last minute, please do! PLEASE INVITE FRIENDS, TOO (rsvp for them if you can)! The more the merrier - this is a fund raiser after all.

Finally, if you can't make it but wish you could, consider supporting the event in other ways - donate an item or service to a fun and silly auction we'll have (eg. a cooking lesson, tutoring, or a picnic) or you can donate to MTPC directly as always at http://www.masstpc.org/about/donate.shtml

This party will be alcohol and drug free.

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icarus said...

Thank you to everyone who came and made this event a great success!