May 21, 2007

The Small Things.

Earlier this semester, I was talking to a student who was telling me about his experience with just starting to come out at college. He said that, as an international student, he had not known many openly LGBTQ people before coming to Harvard, and that he was still nervous about coming out to anyone. He told me that, in a class he helped to teach, there was a student who had a rainbow pin on his bag. He said that even though he didn't speak with the student very much, every time he saw that student on campus, he felt safer and more comfortable. It made a difference to him.

I think we forget that sometimes, something as tiny as wearing a rainbow pin (or a trans-positive bracelet, or an AIDS-awareness ribbon, or an sexual assault awareness button) can make a difference by letting people know that you are a safe, supportive person and a potential ally or friend.

The small things matter too.

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Anonymous said...

that is more than true. even this website, and being on the bgltsa email list (though never writing any emails to it myself) has made coming out as a bi for me much safer and more natural that it would've been otherwise.