May 03, 2007

Men, Media Sexism, and ending violence

I think this video by Jackson Katz interesting because it covers a ton of issues in one short video.

It starts with the recent VT shooting as a point of entry, but ends up talking about the invisibility of boys' gender when talking about youth violence.

He also makes a case for allies in feminist, anti-racist, and anti-homophobic struggles.

What do you think of the video? I am wondering 1] what message do you get from what he is saying? 2] do you agree with what he is saying? 3] do you agree with the way he is saying it? 4] who is his audience? 5] do you think these videos are useful in some way? If so, how? Obviously, you don't have to answer all these questions but I would be interested in knowing your thoughts.

Thanks to Republic of T for the video.

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