April 24, 2007

Something Very Awkward

As some of our readers know, Quench has a history of posting awkward incidents that happen in the lives of our writers.

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(See posts here, here, here, and here).

Today, I read something particularly awkward.

Ever sign up for a free sample of Astroglide? If you used your real name and address it is probably on a list that Astroglide accidentally made available to the internet... According to the Department of Homeland Stupidity blog, the data breach also includes "a spreadsheet containing 4,529 records of people who ordered the company's Silken Secret vaginal moisturizer product." The file contains names, ages, email and home addresses, and "why they wanted to try the product", including options like "Intimate Activity" and "Vaginal Dryness."

- A quote from Consumerist

Please feel free to add to this post your own things that are awkward from your recent daily lives but also take the time to engage with icarus' fabulous, and more substantive conversation about virginity.

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