April 24, 2007

"Put your money where your mouth is."

Hi everyone,

First, read this. Think about it. Contribute, if you relate to these experiences.

So, I was thinking. I will be graduating soon, and employed in a Real World Job pretty soon, which means I will have a Regular Salary. And I think it's time that I started factoring donations to important organizations and causes into my monthly spending. I won't have much disposable income, but I'd like to at least start making small donations.

Check out Peter Singer's "What Should a Billionaire Give - and What Should You?" for some compelling evidence that these kinds of donations can effectively work to fight poverty. I'd also love to challenge those Quench readers who have regular disposable income to consider doing this too.

So, I'd like your input: What organizations or causes do you think would make effective use of a small monthly donation?

Please post any info or websites. I'd really appreciate it!

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Anonymous said...

East-coast centric, I know, but here are a few places I thought of off of the top of my head. Some of them I have donated to and some I have not.

I think that if I can afford to buy myself luxuries like dinner out, or going out for ice cream or pizza instead of cooking my dinner at home, then I can afford to give something. When I chose an apartment and make other big financial decisions, I make sure to plan in a way so as not to spend all of my income on these daily expenses. The way I see it, I can't afford not to contribute to some of the important work going on when I can.


Sylvia Rivera Law Project

Boston ABCD




Health Care For All

AIDS Project Worcester, Cambridge Cares About AIDS, or AIDS Action

The Sentencing Project


N Street Village

Somos Latin@s