March 06, 2007

Update on the Stanton case

A few things since last we spoke:

- I can admit I'm wrong; apparently City Manager Stanton has asked that male pronouns be used for him until he begins transition. Although I'm not sure some of the less-savory quotes I brought you in my last post used male pronouns intentionally as a sign of respect, I still apologize for littering them with angry sics - and for over-enthusiastically using female pronouns for City Manager Stanton in the absence of confirmation that he in fact desired them. Mea culpa.

- That said, there are more resources online for those interested in the Stanton case:

Our good friend Dr. Jillian Todd Weiss (check out the dedication to her in Quench #1!) writes about why Stanton's firing has generated so much attention, and gives a thorough analysis of the legal issues involved.

Meanwhile, the dedicated folks at offer factual background, breaking news, and practical resources for those of us interested in taking action to help save CM Stanton's job before the firing becomes final.

- Finally, a quick hello to readers who have joined us from the coalition listing at or from the blogroll at Planet 02138. Hope you like what you see; please feel free - nay, encouraged - to comment!

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