March 19, 2007

School the n00bs!

So, here's a fun exercise for you. I know some of you out there are shy about commenting, but now's the time to brainstorm out loud! (err ... in print. You know what I mean.)

Imagine you are called in to speak to a group of college students. They may or may not have ever met a trans person before, and your job is to give them a "Trans 101" crash course.

At the end of this crash course, they should have enough background knowledge to:

a) understand and accurately translate conversations between and among transmen and SOFFAs, in a specifically FTM-focused environment;

b) not offend people.

What terminology would you include?

What core concepts should be covered?

What conversations might come up, which these people should be prepared to comprehend?

You folks are the potential consumers, here - you're the ones who may need to use the services of these trainees. This is your chance to make sure they are prepared to serve you well.


der Skorpion said...
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Anonymous said...

There is a really great article (link below) that Joanne Herman wrote for her Transgender 101 series in The Advocate. Definitely worth a read. Also, her other articles are great for answers to questions that may not be appropriate to ask in person.

"Please don't call me Tranny":

Joanne's Personal Website with all the columns she's written:

Anonymous said...

"They may or may not have ever met a trans person before"

First of all, teach them that the issue is not this but that they may or may not have ever knowingly met a trans person before