February 20, 2007

tip of the hat, wag of the finger

I have become far too addicted to the Colbert Report recently. That being said...

Today's tip of the hat goes to the Virginia General Assembly for making steady and mostly uncontested progress on a bill that will allow hospital patients to specify their visitors. While not specifically written to benefit same-sex partners, this law will take the power to bar specific visitors out of the hands of patients' families. Brownie points go to some Republicans:

Several lawmakers, including self-described conservatives, said they have no problem protecting a patient's right to choose visitors, even if that means extending protection to same-sex partners.

"I don't see why it would matter to anybody," said Sen. James K. "Jay" O'Brien Jr. (R-Fairfax). "Why would anybody say no to that?"

A wry wag of the finger goes to other Republican lawmakers:

The fact that the measure would extend a protection to same-sex couples has eluded most state lawmakers, who, despite many deeply conservative members who adamantly supported last year's amendment [against equal marriage and civil union rights], have voted unanimously in favor of the bill.
...Del. Thomas D. Gear (R-Hampton) said it gives him "some heartburn" to learn after the fact that the bill might protect gay men and lesbians.

Regardless, this is awesome. It's nice not having to be ashamed of my home state all the time.

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