February 25, 2007

Macho Women with Guns!

Macho Women with Guns is a D20-system roleplaying supplement not for the faint of heart. Premise: every bad action movie you've ever seen involving women with ginormous boobs. Ever see, oh, Barbarella or Barb Wire? Yeah. Like that. The D2o-system is the original Dungeons & Dragons for the 21st century; anyone can publish a game using its rules as a license-boilerplate. In this case, one determines not only how strong and smart you are, but gives you lovely statistics like complicated rules determining your bra size and body shape.

Well, the game may be very, very un-PC, but the authors are distinctly not. In fact, the game is so amazingly tongue-in-cheek that I think it is mainly played by those who can appreciate the ridiculousness of it - anyone who tried to think like a misogynist pig while playing it would have their heads explode.

Anyway, the point of this is that there is an adventure module in print now called The Sex Presidents. Here's what Mongoose Publishing has to say about this in its own words:

Your characters have been hired by the Church to recover the stolen Bones of St. Liberace from a secret reliquary in New York.

This 17 page adventure starts with the group already on the trail of the most likely culprits behind the robbery, a band of high-technology thieves cloned from the greatest criminals in American History, its presidents.

The criminal team is called the 'Sex Presidents' and comprises of 'Slippery Dick' Nixon, Ron 'The Dong' Reagan, 'Big Willy' Clinton, George 'Beaver' Bush, and George 'Little Beaver' W. Bush.

The adventure takes the characters across the Texan plains towards the hideout of the gang, a face-to-face confrontation with the Sex Presidents and the criminal mastermind behind them.

Yes, folks, I couldn't not share that with you all.

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