February 20, 2007

an Australian Judge with some sense

Yes, I read the Australian. It's a good paper.

Anyhow, here's a judge with some sense. A lawyer tried to explain why the judge should allow them to fudge a few constitutional protections because he claimed that Australia was now more vulnerable to terrorist attacks than when the Australian Constitution was framed. One of the reasons was the September 11th attacks. The paper describes the judge's response:

But Justice Kirby replied: "Yes, but the Americans, with all respects, have become obsessed with September 11.
After noting that the event happened in the US, not in his country, he continued.
Justice Kirby added that more people died every day from the disease AIDS than died in September 11.
Why is our national budget practically dedicated to fighting countries full of people whose skin-color makes us think they are terrorists? I notice that we are not fighting HIV/AIDS with nearly the same amount of dedication (or dollars).

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emily0 said...

Ugh. You know what is sad? I never made the comparison myself. That's what's sad.