February 21, 2007

and now for something completely different

(Which may actually be incredibly boring to anyone who: a) isn't from the Midwest and b) isn't into hockey. My apologies.)

So I basically never post on Quench, probably because I notice things that I think might be neat to write about and then get distracted by the other pretty shiny things on the Internet. By the time I get around to it, though, someone has beaten me to it, or else I've managed to talk myself down into thinking that it's not all that interesting anyway.

In any case, the link is to a newspaper article about a gay hockey league in Madison, WI. What makes this league so special, you may be asking. Well, fair disclosure: one of the team captains interviewed happens to be my sister, who has also been trying to get me into hockey for quite some time now - and the thing is, it's kind of difficult to find a place for a boy to learn hockey if he isn't between the ages of about five and seven. (At least in Wisconsin in the summer; YMMV. It's certainly difficult in San Francisco, where our bodies of water basically never freeze over.) But (and this is going from both what I've heard from the team captain as well as the newspaper article) I also love how the league is also about a group of people coming together to form a community that does what it enjoys without strict reference to how good it happens to be, and being a supportive environment in which to do that. It gives me the warm and fuzzies. (And hey, if you're stopping by Madison for a while, check them out: they've got a website, here.)

All right, back to radio silence. (It occurs to me there's a reason I don't tend to post regularly.)

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