January 31, 2007

"Where can I meet women in Boston?"

...I've had quite a few women ask me this question lately, so I put together a brief list of ideas. Everyone - feel free to comment and contribute with additional ideas/info.

I would recommend:

  • Diesel Cafe in Davis Square. It's a great place to study, and queer owned and operated. Pool table, photo booth and lots of coffee. They just opened another location, Bloc 11, in Union Square. I haven't been yet, but it's worth a look. Peets Tea and Coffee in Harvard Square is also very queer. ;-)
  • Here is a list of most of the lesbian clubs/bars in the Boston area. Since the roster of lesbian club nights changes on a fairly regular basis, just check out the ones listed and talk to friends who have gone recently. I've heard good things about the Milky Way and Midway in Jamaica Plain (you pretty much can't walk two feet without running into a queer woman in JP anyway). Fridays at Pure are pretty good, with danceable music and a lot of space, but the location is pretty far from public transportation (also, I once got my credit card STOLEN there, so be careful about putting your purse down anywhere!). Club Cafe is nice, but tends to more oriented towards gay men. Lots of techno. Share your thoughts/updates/corrections in the comments!
  • MadFemmePride is a group that caters to femme women (and those who like them), and have fun events every so often.
  • GenderCrash is a monthly spoken word and performance night in Jamaica Plain, centered around queer/transgender performers, and is really powerful and entertaining.
  • There's also the Cambridge Women's Center. I've never been, but I know they have a queer women's support group and other resources.
  • There are a bunch of LGBT racial and ethnic organizations like Somos Latinos and QAPA. More here. You can get involved with religion-oriented LGBT organizations like Keshet. More here.
  • A great way to meet hot people AND help save the world: volunteer at places like Boston GLASS or BAGLY (which serve LGBT youth), MassEquality (which works for marriage equality), MTPC (transgender rights) or GLAD (GLBT/HIV legal work) - all of which have hot, hot volunteers! Totally recommended.
  • I would also suggest subscribing to The List, which will send you a weekly email with almost every queer women's event in the Boston area.

I hope these are helpful! So go out there and meet some new friends...or maybe even something more. ;-)

More questions? Email us and we'll try to help out!


mk said...

I'd like to add: The Midway in JP. Yes, it looks like a dive bar. But it hosts Queeraoke/Women's Dance Night every Thursday starting at 9 ($3 cover; I know they card, but I dunno if it's 21+), which is almost always packed, and now it's home to The Neighborhood. (Straight from the MySpace page: "The Neighborhood is a new queer/trans dance night in Jamaica Plain, MA, happening the 2nd SATURDAY of every month @ the Midway. Every month, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to a queer-trans/queer-trans posi non-profit.") ($5, 21+)

Club Cafe, in the South End. They show the L Word every Wednesday at 9, every 2nd Friday they have a grad student mixer (sponsored by MIT's rainbow somethingerother- way more men than women, but still), and generally there are a lot of queer folks hanging out there.

Of course, places like bars tend to cater to the 21+ crowd. But honestly? The best way to meet people is through other people. Got a friend at BU? Hit up a party with her sometime. Hear about a cool event at Smith? Get a carload of people and head to NoHo.

As for the best dancing in Boston, I'd personally recommend anywhere DJ D'Hana spins. And not just because I know her- the events where she spins, from the (sadly) short-lived BENT to The Neighborhood to the last Outlaw dance tend to draw the most diverse crowd, and she plays an awesome mix- stuff you've never heard of alongside charttoppers, but all excellent for dancing.

emily0 said...


bat dor said...

Also, if you're around in early-to-mid June, you should totally volunteer for Boston Pride. It's a ton of fun, it's an easy and low-commitment way to give back to the LGBT community, and I personally am making an effort to have some under-21 events going on.

Plus, it's a fantastic way to meet people...email me and ask me about Pride 2006, and I'll share some stories that I'd rather not share with the whole blogosphere :)

To sign up, go to www.bostonpride.org and fill out the volunteer form, or shoot me an email directly. I promise not to spam you.

(Disclosure: I recruit volunteers for Pride; you'll be hearing more from me as June draws nearer.)

Anonymous said...

Diva Restaurant/Lounge is a racist and unsafe establishment


icarus said...

wow, i was not aware of that incident. i'll take that off the list.