January 09, 2007

Business moves faster than government?

Fortune Magazine just released its annual Fortune 100 Best Companies To Work For. The top eleven companies -- and, in fact, 92 of these top 100 companies -- ban workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. To save you some time, the eight companies that are behind the curve:
12. David Weekley Homes
28. Kimley-Horn & Assoc.
32. Plante & Moran
41. JM Family Enterprises
46. First Horizon National
54. Baptist Health Care (but you could have guessed that one.)
91. Memorial Health
100. Stanley

Discuss amongst yourselves?

1 comment:

emily2 said...

a dead slug moves faster than the current incarnation of our (federal) government and (most of) our state governments (at least with respect to GLBT rights).