July 28, 2006

Michelle Dumaresq wins downhill nationals (again)

It seems like every time she wins, things still don't get better as far as respectfulness.

This is a difficult and controversial area of sports, with arguments on both sides of the issue as to whether athletes should be able to compete in their new gender. However, the IOC (International Olympic Committee), UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) and Canadian law (as well as the laws of other countries) have all come down on the side of letting these athletes compete.
Even the IOC says she can compete where she does. She is definitely playing by the rules.

Check out the T-shirt of the runner up. Sore loser, perhaps? It's sad when coming second counts as losing but please - you can at least try to be polite.

July 26, 2006

File under: We're shocked.

Lance Bass of 'N Sync reveals he's gay

NEW YORK - Lance Bass, band member of 'N Sync, says he's gay and in a "very stable" relationship with a reality show star. Bass, who formed 'N Sync with Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick, tells People magazine that he didn't earlier disclose his sexuality because he didn't want to affect the group's popularity.
Insert joke about the breaking of millions of teenybopper hearts.

Things that are awkward

So I hope you're taking the summertime when there is low post volume to catch up on our backisssues (see upper right hand corner's links).

In the meantime, I am working on a new segment for "Things that are awkward." Post things that are awkward here anonymously or with a login.

Come one, come all! I am making a wide open call for Things that are awkward.

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July 22, 2006

Great Overheard Conversation

... noted in a .sig, no less.

From RPGnet Forums via The Waaagh! Forum:

SteveD: There could be a bit of fun to be had making a list of who has appeared on each of these alignment posters. For starters, it might say a lot that Bush and the Dukes of Hazard are the same alignment...

GregPogorzelski: It's perfectly making sense. I can see a drunk young Dubya running from an authority figure in a pimp ride. In fact, I think it'd make a killer TV show.

Sweet! (...or is that "shibby"?)

July 19, 2006

Respecting Life

This afternoon President Bush issued the first veto of his presidency. The bill, H.R. 810, would have allowed excess embryos created in fertility clinics - embryos that would otherwise be discarded, embryos that would never be implanted in a womb - to be used in research on the treatment of a huge number of chronic and terminal illnesses, injuries, and disabilities, from Alzheimer's to diabetes to MS to leukemia to spinal injuries to brain damage and on and on and on.

From CNN.com:

"This bill would support the taking of innocent human life in the hope of finding medical benefits for others," Bush said Wednesday afternoon. "It crosses a moral boundary that our decent society needs to respect. So I vetoed it."
What is it that you're respecting, Mr. President? Certainly not my loved ones. I'm close to many people who are living with chronic illnesses. It has been agonizing for me to watch the hope for treatments and cures that stem cell research offers be dangled in front of their eyes only to be snatched away again and again by politicians citing rhetoric that frames the research as killing babies. Forget the question of whether embryos are babies - it's not killing. It's the exact opposite. To put it in Bush's right-to-life frame, H.R. 810 was about allowing embryos that would be discarded (AKA "killed") the chance to "live on" in other people, to save lives.

My cousin developed primary-progressive multiple sclerosis when she was twenty-three, very close to the age of many of the readers of this blog. By the time she was thirty, she had developed quadriplegia (paralysis of all four limbs), and her health is deteriorating. I love her and look up to her so much, and I want her to have all the chances she can possibly have to fight this disease. I want her to still be in my life in ten years, in twenty, in thirty. I want my children to know her, because she's amazing.

That's why this veto is so upsetting. But the vote in the house was only 50 votes short of the 2/3 majority required to override Bush. PLEASE write to your congresspeople and tell them that you care about stem cell research. The democrats have set up a webform you can use, and there's also one at DEFCON.

July 18, 2006

Politics, arrogance, and American values.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The House on Tuesday rejected a constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriage, ending for another year a congressional debate that supporters of the ban hope will still reverberate in this fall's election.

I know this is moderately good news for supporters of gay marriage. Still, I couldn't help but think, Aren't there more important issues for Congress to be dealing with right now? Like, oh, I dunno, the Middle East firestorm, southern California ablaze, the decline of the dollar, the national deficit, or how about the fact that we're only going to see more heatwaves like this week's until this Administration -- or more likely, the next one -- pulls its proverbial head out of its collective rectum and gets serious about global warming?

But I didn't get angry until I read this:
The marriage amendment is part of the "American values agenda" the House is taking up this week that includes a pledge protection bill and a vote on President Bush's expected veto of a bill promoting embryonic stem cell research. Bush has asked, and social conservatives demanded, that the same sex marriage ban be considered in the run-up to the election.

It's all politics, of course. Such a loaded term, this "American values." And what arrogance, to assume that all Americans value the same things. To the American readers of this blog -- what do you most value, as an American? To the nonAmerican readers of this blog -- what do you wish Americans valued?

July 12, 2006


... or, "I wanna drop a litter of little Warren Ellises and toss 'em in a pit to grow up big an' strong and insane like their father". Here's todays scathing BADSIGNAL:

Editors and offices should not bug me today. Went to bed at 4am. Woken at 6 by postman. Woken at 8 by postman again. Woken at 10 by FedEx. Woken at 12 by DHL. Woken at 1.30 by some shit trying to sell me something. I am utterly wrecked now. The Red Bull, it does nothing. And some dick in the pub thought it'd be funny to close all the windows and turn the place into a sweatbox.

But it could be worse. I could be working at Warner Bros today. SUPERMAN RETURNS conservatively cost $250 million to make. Probably the same again to promote. It took $21M this weekend, eaten alive by PIRATES. The studio gets about half the box office takings. In America, WB's cumulative slice of SR's takings amount to around $50M.

As Fraction said to me Sat night, producer Jon Peters is probably sleeping with a gun in his mouth.

Is it conceivable that something that took fifty-odd million in its first weekend could be a flop? I said of KING KONG that for that film's budget, I could grow my own giant fucking monkey. $250 million puts you in spacelaunch-budget territory. For $250 million WB could've given Bryan Singer his own communications satellite and spent the change on a George Clooney movie. Or two Wes Anderson movies. It's an astonishing volume of cash that, at this stage, they don't have a prayer of making back worldwide or on DVD.

This is the absurdity of modern Hollywood; that taking more than the GNP of Luxembourg in a single weekend is not actually enough to put a movie in the black.

It's no wonder that everyone I meet these days wants to work in TV.

And did you catch Sunday's DEADWOOD?

Why yes, Warren, I did. Fucking brilliant, too. Dialogue made me wanna come, actually.

Do you want to see the pit I've dug out back for our mob?

July 06, 2006


My coworkers are pretty lame.

I went to work today, and they were totally making fun of transexuals / transvestites. Like, they were just going off, referring to the people they saw as "its". Not even trying to see them as people or trying to understand their lives. Upon trying to talk intelligently with them (these are Harvard Student, btw), they simply laughed at me and refused to hear me out. I felt so helpless. Like nothing I said would change their minds. I hate ignorance.

And I have to work with these people . . .


Eww! Yuck, Sony.

Info on contacting Sony.

July 05, 2006


I recited this to my Jewish mother, and when she stopped laughing she said to share it. Disclosure: I didn't write it, but I can't recall where I read it.

Mother's dilemma:
Her son is gay, but dating
A Jewish doctor.

I hope everyone's Independence Day was fun-filled, firework-filled, and, in a word, fabulous.