December 13, 2006

LGBT is *not* a sandwich.

At long last, issue 7 of Quench is printed and ready for consumption by you, our loving, loyal, and totally hott readers. If you're at or near Harvard, you can pick up a copy at the BGLTSA resource center in Thayer basement starting tomorrow. If that won't work out for you, drop a line to any of the Quenchistas or to, and we'll work things out. If you just can't wait (or you want to see Quench in all its high-res, full-color glory,) check out the Flickr set.


LeDiva said...

"LGBT is *not* a sandwich."

But oh, such a tasty sandwich it would make.

the spinster said...

Will someone drop off a copy at Papercut? We like Quench.

Anonymous said...

I just read it online. How fabulous!


Anonymous said...

Sure, it is! Guacamole, Lettuce, Bacon & Tomato! Mmmmm!