October 01, 2006

Hybrid Lexus SUV Civil Unions Without Possibility of Adoption

B (12:27:14 AM): women are hotter than economics

A (12:27:16 AM): ARGH

B (12:27:18 AM): because economics are boring

B (12:27:21 AM): and women are not boring

B (12:27:24 AM): unless theyre republican

B (12:27:29 AM): then theyre repressed AND boring

B (12:27:34 AM): ta daaa

A (12:30:18 AM): you are going to marry a gay republican

A (12:30:39 AM): that will make me smile

A (12:30:45 AM): we will all come to your wedding

A (12:30:49 AM): it will be white and lacy

A (12:30:52 AM): with many lilies of the valley

B (12:30:53 AM): hahaha

A (12:31:03 AM): the pickup trucks in the lot will all have "W. The President." stickers on them

B (12:31:09 AM): HAHA

B (12:31:10 AM): NO

A (12:31:11 AM): because George's daughter Barbara W. Bush will be president

B (12:31:15 AM): i will marry a homo

A (12:31:17 AM): we'll call her barbie

B (12:31:19 AM): who is NOT republican

A (12:31:22 AM): i told you gay republican

A (12:31:25 AM): that's what's up

B (12:31:28 AM): that way my life wont be a big contradiction

A (12:31:32 AM): it will be

A (12:31:39 AM): and you will be unable to adopt children

A (12:31:42 AM): because she'll think gays shouldn't be able to

A (12:31:50 AM): and youll only have a civil union

B (12:31:51 AM): hahahaha

B (12:31:55 AM): this is so depressing

A (12:31:56 AM): because she'll think gays sholdnt be able to wed

A (12:31:58 AM): and it'll be in a city hall

A (12:32:08 AM): because gays shouldn't go into churches (they'd burst into flames or something)

A (12:32:16 AM): gay republican union for you

A (12:32:23 AM): then you'll become conservative, and you'll drive an SUV


B (12:32:27 AM): GO AWAY

A (12:32:30 AM): your last act of rebellion will be to make it a hybrid SUV


B (12:32:34 AM): ahahahahaha

A (12:32:35 AM): but it will be a lexus

B (12:32:37 AM): omg

B (12:32:41 AM): can you please put this on quench?

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