October 31, 2006

abstinence-only education for 20-29 year olds!

Don't want this to fly under the radar. Did anyone else see that the federal government is providing funds for abstinence-only education for adults up to 29 years old who are unmarried.

Paternalism, perhaps?

What do you think? How do you feel about your tax dollars being used on sex "education" that ignores the reality of safer sex. (Or perhaps, I should say contraception - they only talk about pregnancy rates in unmarried women here. Maybe they should just turn everyone gay? Or at least teach them about a wider variety of sex.)

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katie loncke said...

Wow, that is just ludicrous.

I know it's used a lot, but I find the term "abstinence-only" kind of funny: technically, it could mean continuous abstinence, or it could mean periodic abstinence, where sexually active bio women learn their fertility cycles and abstain from intercourse when they're most likely to get pregnant. Maybe that's why abstinence-only education proves so counter-productive...

Also, just wanted to congratulate y'all on your apparent influence over the Crimson, which has poached the quenchzine.com color scheme for its new opinion blog, The Magenta.