September 02, 2006

I want YOU to be an international financier.

Kiva - loans that change lives

Kiva is a really cool microfinancing site that lets you loan small amounts of money (ie, $25) to low-income entrepreneurs in the developing world.

You can read about the businesses that need sponsors, loan some money to them, and get updates on what they're doing with your loan.

Just think - the $25 that would otherwise just chill in your checking account could help someone build a future.

They've gotten a lot of good press. Check it out.


spork said...

PS. If we haven't already done something with the money from our anonymous benefactor, maybe we could use it to help someone through Kiva. What do you all think?

Leyan said...

Two other micro-finance groups that also do awesome work:

A Drop in the Ocean (run by Harvard students)

Opportunity International (a Christian group)

If you visit the Opportunity International website, click on the Ebinger Family Challenge block on the left, and fill out a survey, a benefactor will donate $10 -- enough to move one person out of poverty, they say.

Josh said...

Did you happen to catch the Frontline special on KIVA Tuesday night? It was awesome. They're definitely doing some great things!