September 02, 2006

First Trans Politician?

Dana Beyer is running for a seat in the Maryland House of Delegates, and it looks like she has a fair shot at winning. Today the Washington Post ran an article about her campaign. My favorite quote:

She imagines that most voters who greet her at their doors know about her transition. "Word gets around about something like that," she said. But it almost never comes up. She has knocked on 5,500 doors, at least 100 a day, and recalls only one man, a former town official, who mentioned it overtly. "He just threw it in," she recalled, while ticking off the reasons he was impressed with her.
Her campaign site can be found at

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Anonymous said...

There was another (openly) trans politician elected in the past 6 months or so. I forget her name. Maybe she was from Texas or something?