August 01, 2006

A Victory for Sex in the US

Although overwhelmingly jazzed for this victory -- FDA's shifting to endorse OTC EC -- I'd like to state once again how obscene it is that the US doesn't even abide by the recommendations of scientists and public health officials -- or statistics -- in regard to women's health here or worldwide. Cue the US Mexico City Policy.

Exhibit A, from the NY Times:

In 2003, an F.D.A. advisory committee voted 23 to 4 to allow the drug’s over-the-counter sale without age restrictions. But a top official of the agency overruled that committee and agency staff members, raising concerns that young teenagers might engage in riskier sex if the morning-after pill was easily available. The company revised its application, asking that over-the-counter sale be allowed for women older than 16.
Check out the full article here.

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icarus said...

My favorite quote:
"There’s clearly no way that the F.D.A. or Barr Labs could put a gender restriction on who buys the drug,” said Wendy Wright, the president of that group. “You could have a statutory rapist buy the drug in order to cover up his abuse."