August 14, 2006



AIM IM with jungmusiclover.

jungmusiclover: hi

me: salaam calaykun

jungmusiclover: what's that

me: who's Jung Music Lover, the fan of the Mets or somefing?

jungmusiclover: i love music
and JUng is my name

me: salaam calaykun is Arabic. It means "peace be with you (f)"

jungmusiclover: cool

me: you are a girl?

jungmusiclover: no
are you

me: salaam calaykum, then

me: where did you come from, exactly?
with the IMing me?

jungmusiclover: korean
do you go to harvard

me: i graduated

jungmusiclover: cool
did you like it there

me: you read my livegerbil innit? but there's not much there. yeah, i loved it
where do you live?

jungmusiclover: washington dc
where do you live

me: at Harvard

jungmusiclover: i dont go to harvard i am thinking about going there for grad school

me: what about my livegerbil made you interested in contacting me, if i may ask? (I don't get many random IMs)

jungmusiclover: ah

me: which school

jungmusiclover: NYU
are you arabian

me: no, i mean, which graduate school

jungmusiclover: math

me: FAS, then

jungmusiclover: yes
what was your major

me: East Asian studies - Chinese and Korean

jungmusiclover: wow that's cool
i am korean


jungmusiclover: so i know a little bit about korean history

me: i'm afraid i've forgotten all my korean except for the food

jungmusiclover: are you korean

me: aniyeo, Scots-Irish, Cherokee, German-Turkish and some unclear amount of African American (slave) blood

jungmusiclover: oh
did you take korean at harvard

me: yes

jungmusiclover: cool
do you like korean food

me: it was hard. Everyone else in the class was Korean-American and could already speak or understand, but needed to "learn proppa"
of course I do

jungmusiclover: i had that today

me: i used to pig out all the time when I was at school in China

jungmusiclover: how did you like China

me: it was dirty, overcrowded, hostile, polluted - and totally fabulous

jungmusiclover: have you been to Seoul

me: no

jungmusiclover: it's really overcrowded there also
random question: does size matter?

me: size?

jungmusiclover: penis i am a bit worried about my size

me: are you fucking kidding me?

jungmusiclover: no i am not

me: bu-bye

jungmusiclover has been blocked

being a transsexual = people asking you about the status of your genitals
being female = people talking about their genitals
being a lesbian = people talking about their genitals, your genitals and the genitals of an unnamed third female party
being a lesbian transwoman: PRICELESS


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I think this guy has like a fetish for Harvard girls or something. He IMed me too, and he also got my sn from my LJ userinfo, even though he doesn't actually have a LJ. And yeah, he also asked me: random question "does size matter?". Don't believe that crap about him going to Harvard/NYU for grad school, the dude couldn't prove it at all.