August 22, 2006

Oh, puberty...

If I'd seen this video, entitled "Molly Grows Up," when I was a kid, I'm fairly certain I would never have wanted to get past the age of nine.

Watch Molly as she discovers lipstick, boys, and most importantly - That Time of the Month.

(this might take a while to load, so you might want to pause it, let it all load, and then watch it, otherwise it may get all skippy)

Ok, so hopefully, those of y'all who get periods didn't have to watch this horrific explanation of the phenomenon; but how did you find out about your period? Who explained it to you, and what did they say?

For my own part, I don't recall anyone sitting down and explaining it to me - I didn't really get a Sex Talk, either. I think I learned most of what I knew by reading the boxes of my mom's sanitary products. When I was 8 or so, I thought maybe I'd started, but my grandmother said, "No, when you do start, there won't be any doubt. There'll be a lot of blood." And sure enough, when it happened, I woke up, looked down, and shrugged. Got myself a pad - I knew how from reading the box - and that was that.

But in any event, everyone I knew in school got their periods way before sex ed, so our school figured we knew about it anyway and didn't bother to discuss it. And because nobody told me anything, I was spared the myths that apparently some other people heard: you can't swim because sharks will eat you, your immune system is weakened from losing so much blood so you're more susceptible to colds, etc.

What about you? What were you told? How were you told?

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