August 24, 2006

Hell Freezes Over: Women Given (Slight) Control over Uterus

Although yesterday's "Smart Women Will Bite Your Dick Off" piece in Forbes was disheartening, today brings joyous news:

Plan B is to be OTC.

Okay, so it's only for women over 18. And WalMart is probably going to try to find a way around it. But don't let that spoil how amazing this development is. (Nor should we let this partial victory make us complacent, of course.) It's a sign of things to come. After all, this is a wildly contentious issue and one that has instigated serious turn-over as the Bush administration worked to implement its own views rather than, say, science.

From the NYT:

“I cannot recall any other issue in my 45 years of watching F.D.A. that has garnered this much attention at all levels of government,” said Peter Barton Hutt, a former general counsel for the agency who now teaches drug law at Harvard.

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