July 06, 2006


My coworkers are pretty lame.

I went to work today, and they were totally making fun of transexuals / transvestites. Like, they were just going off, referring to the people they saw as "its". Not even trying to see them as people or trying to understand their lives. Upon trying to talk intelligently with them (these are Harvard Student, btw), they simply laughed at me and refused to hear me out. I felt so helpless. Like nothing I said would change their minds. I hate ignorance.

And I have to work with these people . . .


wannatakethisoutside said...

We love you, Datura. Don't let them get to you.

digger said...

I hate it when this happens. I've run into so many ignorant jerks at work that I've lost count.

Sorry you have to deal with these guys daily.