June 26, 2006

What War Against Boys?

From Salon's Broadsheet:

Don't you just love it when a long-term, large-scale study debunks a myth that has been promulgated by the media? Me too! That's why I was happy to see an article in today's Washington Post about a new study that seems to largely refute the so-called boy crisis in education.

"Using data compiled from the National Assessment of Educational Progress, a federally funded accounting of student achievement since 1971, the Washington-based think tank Education Sector found that, over the past three decades, boys' test scores are mostly up, more boys are going to college and more are getting bachelor's degrees," the Post reports.

Repeat after me. Despite what you've read in Newsweek and jillions of other publications, test scores are up, more boys are going to college and more boys are getting bachelor's degrees. Sounds like a crisis to me! The studies' authors conclude that the hysteria about boys and education has been fomented by "inadequate research, sloppy analysis and discomfort with the fact that although the average boy is doing better, the average girl has gotten ahead of him." Yes folks, it seems that the media decided that if girls were doing better, then boys must be in big, big trouble.

Dear Christina Hoff Sommers,

Find a new meme.


The Feminist Revolution

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lyk2byke said...

Sure, the statistics you cite may indicate that there is no war on boys when it comes to their education. However, I think most of the issue stems from the less that equal treatment boys now receive when it comes to other parts of society. I for one think, I know not proved by fact, that men will someday be relegated to the labor type of positions and the women will be in all the leadership roles. Sports is the big sore spot of course, and now that girls make up a majority of students in colleges then why is it boys cannot find teams to play on??? Mostly because girls need equal opportunity. However, that equality means boys can't play - I know sounds like sour grapes, amd girls are recruited to play when the interest level is just not the same. I fear that if we don't continue to channel a boys natural energy to create havic to creative things then we will eventually be creating a society of men that will always be uninvoled, and need constant counseling. Wow, I know a giant leap!! However, the boys clubs, the YMCA's, the high school and college sports all were an way to teach respect, honor, fair play and be a way to expend natural energy. Take all that away because the girls now need the physical and financial resources to be equal only means it comes from the boys.

I think I will leave it at that for now and see who says what!!