June 13, 2006

What are you doing tonight?

Hey Quench!

Tell me the most fun and the least fun thing you've done tonight.

eg. for me, the least fun was that I was at a meeting that went over by an hour. The most fun was when I went grocery shopping and also came home to remember I had leftovers in the fridge. So food is good.


icarus said...

most fun: talking to friends in airports on the phone

least fun: missing boston. i'm lookin forward to coming back!

bat dor said...

Most fun: Analyzing my INSANE weekend with friends near and far.

Least fun: Getting hit with a migraine at eleven at night.

raine said...

most fun: having domestic-y cooking joy time with spork and others. also hearing about bat dor's love life.

least fun: my film equipment and its associated drama.

aurora said...

most fun: catching up with my roommie, who I hadn't seen in a couple weeks

least fun: feeling sad for no good reason

emily0 said...

For me, it was:

Worst: Realising I needed a special connector that didn't come with my Mac to make video outpout work with my television.

Best: Going online to the Mac Store and finding the exact part I needed immediately. It's good to work with Apple!

FiveOClockShadow said...

most fun: fundraiser for queer scholarships in LA!!! I met KD Lang!

least fun: not sleeping till 4am after spending the majority of the day on a 6hour flight...ugh

the spinster said...

You were there, fiveoclockshadow? So cool! Weren't the tickets like $350 a pop?

FiveOClockShadow said...

Yeah, along with 600+ other people! They actually oversold the event so there were people standing in the back of the auditorium! About 15 of us scholars got to go and be a part of it (so, no, I didn't have to shovel out $350...). It was sooo amazing seeing that many people in one place offering their support. I don't think I met one disinterested, indifferent person all night. I've never experienced anything like it.