June 03, 2006

Viva la legislación!

I'm back, after a long class-induced absence, and ready to resume role as Queer Eye for Poli-Sci. As pointed out via the open, and a quick search found an Englang article for Quench perusal, Spain's taken a step in the right direction:

The bill says transsexuals can change their gender listing and name in Spanish civil registries without undergoing surgery, but on several conditions. A doctor must certify they were born the wrong sex and have been living for an extended period under the one they want, and the person must undergo hormonal or other medical treatment to encourage the change of identity. (1)
Really exciting. Especially given that several regions of Spain provide transition surgery as part of health care. Official rhetoric has been really promising: neither phobic nor strained in an ignorant attempt at "PC" but fairly appropriate. The implication engendered by the bureaucratic commentary, excuse the pun, is stunningly supportive: Spain is only taking a logical step, one already taken by many other European countries, and one that will be taken by every nation in the due course of development and the realization of human and civil rights.

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PS. calypso and imagineme&you will be our DC Capitol contacts for the summer. Look forward to their political saavy.