June 01, 2006

$5,000 for a WHAT?

Ok, what the hell is going on? Everyone is talking about these RealDoll (NSFW) things, even my favorite webcomic. Salon wrote a pretty interesting article about the whole RealDoll phenomenon, which has spawned (hurr) dozens of creepy (NSFW) fan (NSFW) sites (NSFW).

The RealDolls carry a $5,000 pricetag (more for the "SheMale" option, mind), though a "RealDoll torso" (NSFW) is also available for purchase for $1,000.

There are other options for though with less cash to drop on sex-dolls, though: rental. A question to ponder: would you really rent one of these things? Aaaaah. Well... you can. From Doll no Mori (Japanese only), aka "Forest of Dolls", a RealDoll rental service with 40 locations all over Japan. Aaaah.


daftgiraffe said...

You can even make her blue! Good to know that ubergeek-friendly options exist.

icarus said...

hahaha. ew. those are just a silly idea. wtf. i have nothing eloquent to say about that. d-u-m-b.

C.C. said...

Did anyone notice on the creepy site that they have a doll named Bitsy--which is actually an eight year old child doll? Disturbing, to say the least, especially since Bitsy is said to be the prototype for all the other dolls.

tea cozy said...

I just want to point out something fantastic --- the name of the company is ABYSS CREATIONS. ABYSS! CLIMB INTO THE ABYSS THAT IS REALDOLL! mwahahaha.

But yeah. totally creepysauce. Anyone else notice the animation of the breast-squeezing? noooot cooooool.

word of the day: sspegzog --- a ship upon which you do nothing but "peg" realdolls. why is everything so creepy today?

daftgiraffe said...

c. c., i think the site was saying that the doll is eight years old in the sense that it was first made eight years ago - no eight-year-old has boobs like that, i hope - but i could be wrong, and in any case the tiny size is creeptacular.