May 14, 2006

UC joins growing list of governments that endorse stalking

In February, the UC generously agreed to fund part of Quench issues 5 and 6. I fronted the money we’d been promised, we printed the ish, and then I filed a completed project form. A month went by and no fat reimbursement check appeared in my mail, so I decided to follow up.

From: quench
To: Jane Fang


I filed a completed project form for UC grant #831 (to Quench, for issues 5 & 6) on 4/15/06. I was wondering when I would get the reimbursement check. The grant was for $700 and that's a lot of money for me to front out of pocket for this long. Any idea how much longer I need to expect to wait?

Thank you for your help.

I got a response:
From: Jane Fang
To: quench, Lori Adelman, Raymond Palmer


Thanks for your email. I am no longer the Finance Committee chair this semester but I have forwarded your email to this semester's chair, Lori Adelman, and this semester's Reconciliation Chair, Ray Palmer. They should be able to answer your inquiry. Please do not hesitate if you have anything else!

Take care,


I was confused. Incidentally, the UC Website sucks monkey balls (large ones).
From: quench
To: Jane Fang, Lori Adelman, Raymond Palmer

I'm sorry about that, Jane. The UC Website still lists you as FiCom chair; that's why I was confused.

Raymond Palmer takes over:
From: Raymond Palmer
To: quench, Blake Kurisu, Lori Adelman


So sorry. Your grant has been selected for an audit and James [last name withheld] should have contacted you for an audit where you give him your receipts and he gives you your check. I would advise you to call him and harrass him as he has been quite delinquent with audits recently.


Whoa, wait. The UC screwed up, therefore I need to go “harrass” (sic) some random guy? If he’s been “quite delinquent with audits recently,” shouldn’t you be knocking his ass back into line, pronto? Why are you sending me to do it?

Well, whatever. I can jump through some more hoops; I just want that money. But it’s not that easy: the guy is unlisted.

From: quench
To: Raymond Palmer, Blake Kurisu, Lori Adelman

Ok, what's his phone number? It's not on facebook, I already checked, and no one answered his room phone. Maybe you could track him down and have him get in contact with me? My phone number is ###.###.####, and I check email often.

This is the point where it gets totally ricockulous and I start to despair:
From: Raymond Palmer
To: quench


I don't have his number... maybe lori adelman has it (she's been cc'ed) Other advice is to stalk him... wait outside his room or talk to his roommates. He's been doing this to MANY people... and I want to apologize!

WHAT? I am so confused now. Here are a few of the questions I have:

Did the UC really just tell me to both STALK and HAR-RASS someone in order to get the money they already promised me?

…and what do this kid’s roommates have to do with anything?

Why am I being sent in circles, and why did it take a month (and me following up) to be told that I needed to give receipts to someone?


UPDATE: We have just learned that this "James [last name withheld]" character has been Missing In Action for the past two weeks (see comments). Do your part to help the UC locate their fallen comrade! If you see this man:

Please contact your local UC reps immediately. That is, if you can find them.

UPDATE AGAIN (5/15/06 11:44am): Lori Adelman has taken control of the situation! All is not lost.


wannatakethisoutside said...

Stalk and harass?

That sort of sounds like them encouraging behavior that some people find creepy.

Plus, that's a ton of money they owe you. Where do they think your money is coming from? Do they assume that everyone here is richie mcrichster?

gromphus said...

why do I smell embezzlement? Isn't this the classic pattern? Maybe the kid has gambling debts owed to Shady Characters or something. He'd best be warned that I will personally establish a quenchafia to come after him if he prevents you from being reimbursed.

wannatakethisoutside said...

Also, they acknowledge that it's happenning to "MANY people." Is that supposed to make them more competant somehow?

spork said...

gromphus, you may be right. check this latest exchange.

From: spork
To: Raymond Palmer, Lori Adelman
Hi Ray,

I don't know this guy or his roommates, so I think I'm going to need a
hand here. This process is really confusing. I'm cc'ing Lori this
time, but I'd really appreciate it if you could make sure the money
gets to me. I have the receipt in hand. Just tell me where to bring it
and when, and I'll pick up the check.


From: Raymond Palmer
To: spork, Blake Kurisu

I don't have the check...(and James has been MIA for the past 2 weeks). The UC Treasuer BLake Kurisu may have to write you another check, but I don't know what course of action he wishes to take. I am cc'ing him right now.

wannatakethisoutside said...

As spork and I discussed before, I LOVE LORI ADELMAN.

That is all.

She is my UC rep, a FUP leader, and is super communicative with our house and also with students in general with what's actually going on with UC.

I am so not surprised that she is the one who took control of this situation. She is an example of competence on the UC.

(Incidentally, she also voted in favor of all of the gender identity and expression stuff, made sure nationality stuff was covered and generally has always represented good causes in the UC to my knowledge on top of just being competent.)

wannatakethisoutside said...

Okay, and not to comment too much, but also, I am not sure if spork's post is factually accurate.

I mean, did this situation really suck small monkey balls or large monkey balls? (See spork's link)

Anonymous said...

O ungrateful one,

Next year the UC is offering upfront funding. However, due to your bitching, I have stricken you from the list of groups eligible for such funding.

icarus said...

Hopefully, "Anonymous" above is joking.

emily1 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
emily1 said...

Hopefully, "Anonymous" above is joking.

i hope so too because then i'd have to think that there are too many over-privileged rich fucks at harvard who think $700 is the amount one spends on a handbag or a pair of pants. quench was already PROMISED this money. it's their JOB to inform you up front about all the steps necessary to actually claim it. frankly, you guys have been way nicer about this than i would have been. i'd have been tempted to file a formal complaint. but first, i'd provide them all with second orifices. then they wouldn't be so full of shit.

the UC is elected to do a job. if they think you should be grateful to them for the half-assed, incompetent behavior they've exhibited so far, then they should go work for the bush administration. they'll fit right in. in the real working world, this kind of work ethic and professionalism would get them fired immediately.

Anonymous said...

So glad you're looking at this rationally and engaging in civil discussion, "emily1."

emily0 said...

So glad you are in the conversation, anonymous. Maybe you could register with Blogger so you can be considered in the conversation?

emily0 said...

O ungrateful one,

Next year the UC is offering upfront funding. However, due to your bitching, I have stricken you from the list of groups eligible for such funding.

Monday, 15 May, 2006

W00T, that should make your identity easy enough to track down then innit?

emily1 said...

So glad you're looking at this rationally and engaging in civil discussion, "emily1."

i'm not falling for the bullshit 'civility' card. if you can actually summon a cogent defense of the ridiculous unprofessional behavior of members on the UC, do so, but don't try to change the subject to my manners. i am immune to passive-aggressive displays of prissiness about language and civility. go join a tribe of church ladies if that's what you want.

Anonymous said...

I think that it was pretty clear that Raymond was joking when he gave you that suggestion as he trys to make people smile despite unfavorable situations. Clearly, he was not advocating for you to stalk or harass James. You shouldn't take things out of context.