May 15, 2006

Some of our best friends...

Are being trash talked by MassResistance, one of those Article 8 type of things.

They did a run down of Youth Pride, which went off fabulously this weekend according to everyone I know, evne though it did rain.

Here is what they say of the fabulous Grace, head of BAGLY and all that is good.

For his weekend's festivities, Governor's Commission is teaming with BAGLY (Boston Alliance of Gay and Lesbian and Transgender Youth), a "youth" organization which is run by a man dressed as women and specializes in coaching kids to cross-dress and "feel" they're the opposite sex, and to eventually consider medical operations to "change" themselves.
For some reason, I am positive that Grace does not identify as a "man dressed as women." First of all, she is a woman. Secondly, it would be impressive if any one person could dress as "women." How do you dress as more than one person? It at least makes me feel good that MassResistance / MassI'mObsessedWithLGBTFolksAndIJustLoveBeingAJerk has as bad grammar as I do.

Also, a simple Google search cold have told them that they missed out the Bisexuals in Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth (BAGLY).

And then, no they didn't, they talked shit about Gunner.

hardcore transsexual activist Gunner Scott, who runs a website with bizarre "trans" chatrooms, will be receiving an award for her/his (?) "courage". (We're not making this up.) The website is -- this is where the "commission" wants kids to go.
I mean, at least they got right that he is a hard core trans/genderqueer activist. That is absolutely true. And I am glad he got an award for his courage. That is hot. His pronouns are used appropriately in dozens of articles written about him in various newspapers, and could be found on Google. Or on which they obviously were able to find. [obviously, not that they care]

They also do some investigation that is supposed be all undercover-like and prove tha in fact BAGLY supports Youth Pride. No shit, sherlock.

Then, they also blogged about Gunner, who is wearing a fabulous shirt in the picture they show.

I need to stop reading this shit. It is gross.


Clearly, I did not read enough before. In response to a comment by Mark Snyder about the corporate take-over of pride (in fact, his comment is so good that I will copy it below: Thursday, May 11, 2006

Queer Liberation Not Assimilation! Pride '06

Are you sick of the corporate take-over of queer pride? Sick of the conformity? Sick of war, racism, and injustice? Are you eady to stand up for the transgender and queer youth communities? Let's create a lively proud and queer anti-war, anti-racist, pro-immigrant, anti-assimilation, anti-corporate presence in boston's pride parade. There's no pride in war and occupation. There's no pride in assimilation! Open planning meeting Thursday, May 18th at 6:30PM at the office of the Stonewall Warriors in Jamaica Plain at 284 Armory Street. It's time to take back pride!
posted by Mark D. Snyder

AMann on MassResistance said:
Ringleader Mark is upset about many things, most curiously "the corporate take-over of queer pride"! What he doesn't seem to get is that he wouldn't have any platform except through the extravagant support from corporate America.

Some companies are just plain scared of lawsuits, so cave to every possible request from radical homosexuals. They curry favor in the homosexual community by throwing enormous donations to their radical groups. Then there are wealthy and multimillionaire GLBT business people who give to GLBT groups.

I thought maybe some people are just good people and support people's gender and sexuality self-determination, rather than just being afraid of lawsuits. Do these guys think that someone will sue companies for not donating to/supporting pride? I am no economist but that seems unlikely and impossible.

I have also never heard of people "caving" to "requests." I mean, request and demand are different, as are solicitation for a donation and threatening to sue.

Still, though, this planning meeting on May 18th sounds cool because this group sounds cool. I will be out of town. Are there Bostonians who will be here who could go and report back?

One more unrelated thing,

Look whose picture I found on their website?


emily0 said...

Whose? (The link is empty.)

wannatakethisoutside said...

Em0, whose what? I am not sure what you are asking.

Also, look at this. It's a blog that just started to counter massresistance. it seems pretty awesome.