May 16, 2006

An Open Thread

Hi everyone,

I am posting an open thread. Please, comment, even if you never have before!

What would you like to see more of on quench? What do you like? What do you not like?

What should we be talking about right now? What's on your mind? What's in the news?

Feel free to start a conversation about anything!


tea cozy said...

I like the news. You know, the queer news, the sex news, the Harvard news... and the Harvard queer sex news.

But I guess I should be posting more of that, seeing as how I have the ability to post.


the anecdotes are good too... I feel like we haven't had an anecdote for several months. which sucks.

Trope said...

More on sex ed! (Oh wait, that might just be me.) I like the news reports as well. As a total lurker, I'm not sure I'm qualified to make requests, but y'all rock. Keep writing.

katie loncke said...

Probably one of my favorite discussions on any blog this year was the one on class that people started here on quench. (I mean, class has factored into a number of discussions, but this was a post specifically dedicated to people remember which one I'm talking about?) It's an issue that just doesn't get discussed enough, and the person who wrote it phrased it in a really interesting way that invited people to reflect on their own experiences. Awesome.

I'm also a fan of anecdotes, partly because they're usually hilarious (though sometimes sad), but also because they often help me to think about how to be a better ally on a day-to-day basis. I've recommended quench to friends for this specific reason, and they've said it opens their eyes a lot. It's a cool way of being educational without being preachy.

It's a beautiful thing y'all got goin' here...

Markus Kolic said...

Hey -- love Quench, and read it constantly. Generally I don't comment, since as a straight (though sexually frustrated) male I have little to add to the discussion, but don't confuse that for disinterest. And I'll bet there's a lot more people where I come from. Keep it up.

wannatakethisoutside said...

Hey Markus, Katie and Trope.

I'm glad you commented. I agree - I think we should feature a weekly sexed FAQ sort of thing. Like, every Sunday night, a quencher could answer a sexed question. People can make requests all week by emailing or quench writers can come up with one on our email list.

The longer class discussion on quench was also one of my favorites. I feel like it was a time quench got really interactive and people were really engaging.

And yay for crazy humor. I just saw a page get submitted to the email list which is approximately the funniest annecdote ever so get ready for Quench issue 7 which will be hillarious.

And I'm glad people are interested. Everyone regardless of gender, sexuality, class, race, whatever is welcome to comment. But we're also just happy to keep providing entertaining reading.

Thanks for reading.

If anyone else has more ideas of what we can talk about, keep the ideas coming!

raine said...

yeah, marcus! we have straight male regulars here on quench, so do feel welcome to post whenever you want. quench loves you!

zmgen: the zenful and yummy acceptance of all genders, sexual orientations, and absolutely whatevers chez quench.

tea cozy said...

markus -- prince eric is of your kind! (but he is kind of a mermaid fetishist, heh heh) it's cool...