May 02, 2006

oh, snap

Thanks to RedIvy for the tip:

It seems that The Harvard Crimson is now providing the world at large with the opportunity to comment on and respond to their incredibly dumb editorials, right there on their website. (Yeah, I'm picking on Lucy Caldwell. What? Read her shit; I think I'm justified here. And let me be clear: I'm not singling her out for being conservative. I'm singling her out for being stupid.)

Have fun, kids!

FYI, there appears to be some kind of cowardly moderator screening process enabled right now. Hopefully the Crimson will get some guts and disable that someday. Still, I'm gleefully happy that they've adopted this more interactive format. There's a lot of potential here for blog-comments-like flamewar drama on I am so psyched.


tea cozy said...


maudite entendante said...

Jesus Christ, who gave that girl a computer? "living the good life—the tripped-out-on-antidepressants life, that is—may not get you far" - ? are you kidding me?

grrarr. Where do I start commenting (now that I can)?

bvbgb said...

Her articles made me so depressed I'm gonna need a double dose of antidepressants today. But really I'm just pretending to be depressed because I'm not naturally interesting. Or something.

Lucy Caldwell, here's what I say to you: bnpuxhl!

aurora said...

Oh my gawd.

I thought I was just depressed. Now I realize that this "depression" is actually the emotional aftermath of having a working mother (and a full-time nanny who did not, for the record, ever smack me.) Also, I thought I was a feminist. But I shave my legs and wear a bra, so I guess I was wrong.

Anonymous said...

This gets you upset? You people need a life.