May 08, 2006

Lesbians' Brains Are Like Men's . . . Kinda, Sorta

A study from the National Academy of Sciences shows that lesbian’s brains react to pheromones in a similar way to those of heterosexual men. An earlier study also found that gay men’s brains reacted to pheromones in the same way that women’s brains do.

I read the first gay male study, and it has some serious flaws that made me a little skeptical.

If true, then it adds to the notion that homosexuality has a physical, biological basis.

Click here for the link to the CNN article.


icarus said...

We just had a discussion about this on an email list, and people were pretty skeptical about this. How do we define "lesbian" or "homosexual" or "heterosexual"? Are we talking about sexual behavior, desire, attraction, gender, anatomy...?

Also, they only did this study with 36 individuals, so I don't know
how they can make sweeping generalizations about "heterosexual" and "homosexual" brains. And, as usual, this ignores bi people, trans
people and those who just don't fit into a homo/hetero binary.

tea cozy said...

may I just point out: "In heterosexual males the male hormone was processed in the scent area but the female hormone was processed in the hypothalamus, which is related to sexual stimulation. In straight women the sexual area of the brain responded to the male hormone while the female hormone was perceived by the scent area.

In lesbians, both male and female hormones were processed the same, in the basic odor processing circuits, Savic and her team reported." So, really, the "lesbian brain" (somebody wanna comment on the problem of these categorizations?) reaction has as much relation to the straight woman brain reaction as it does to the male brain reaction. WHOA. WHAT'S WITH THE MISLEADING HEADLINE.

also... in addition to the tiny sample pool, the crazy categorization problems, etc. etc., I'm really confused as to what they were doing. Smelling hormones? under what circumstances would you being sniffing estrogen? how does this relate to actual sex situations? are these individuals all equally sexually active? it all seems very confusing and sketchy.

PSH. Why aren't these people busy curing cancer or something? or inventing virtual orgasmatrons? you know, something useful?