May 21, 2006

The Dangers of Queer Activism on the Net

The danger of queer activism on the net is that you often stumble onto gay male hookup sites. Usually, I just sigh and move on, but this time I had to say something to someone - and why not everyone?

What I have to say is: migod this man has a huge cock.

BTW this is his personals ad:

Education: Bachelors
Favorite Music: Classical, Jazz
Like to do: TV, Travel, Shopping, Dancing
Like to read: Magazines, Poetry
Favorite Pet: sex
Religion: Muslim
Gender: Single
Age: Between 18 and 40
Country: Egypt
Marital Status: Single
About my match: i hope my match be from cairo and have a place and age not more than 40
Oh, and if you have a penchant, here's a link to the site: Gay Arab dot com.


Anonymous said...

What exactly is wrong with gay male hookup sites, in your opinion emily? ANd what point are you trying to make by posting this man's picture and profile?

emily0 said...

Nothing is wrong with them! Yaaay, sex! But when you are searching for queer activist sites, they tend to crowd out your results, hence my sigh.

Also, I'm not into boys, so I can't really benefit from them.

His profile is featured on the front page of their site. I just thought he had a ginormous cock, is all. Shouldn't I share? (I did drop it behind a linky for those who didn't want to appreciate.)

As for his personals? I thought he sounded sweet. Some of our readers are in T3H 4R4B L4NDZ, so they might appreciate a gay network if they haven't found it yet.