April 25, 2006

teledildonics, part the second

Loyal readers may recall that a few months ago, I posted about a particularly fancy vibrator. While I was reading up for that post, I saw a link on the jejoue website that encouraged me to give them my email address in exchange for a chance to win one of these new-fangled contraptions. I thought, well, what the hell: if they sell my email address at least the spam has a good chance of being interesting, right?

I then proceded to totally forget about the whole thing. Until yesterday, when I received a curious email:

From: vicky.pearson@jejoue.com
Date: Apr 24, 2006 5:21 AM
Subject: Congratulations!

It’s your lucky day – we’ve just drawn the ‘Win a Je Joue’ online competition and it seems that one of our brand new Je Joue sensual massagers has your name on it!

Please email us back as soon as you can with the address where you would like your new ‘toy’ delivered.

Best regards

The Je Joue Team

... wait, who just won a $400 sex toy? I just won a $400 sex toy. BOOYAH!!! I kinda can't believe this just happened. It's so random. Randomly amazing.

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aurora said...

d00d. That's kind of amazing.