April 14, 2006

Teensy weensy facelift.

</regularly scheduled quenching>

Several minor changes:
1. The silly ugly sidebar arrows are gone. RIP, silly ugly sidebar arrows.
2. We are now accepting submissions for issues seven and beyond; the sidebar now reflects that.
3. The links are better-organized. Yes, I'm that anal.
4. I added a link to BU Spectrum, the undergraduate LGBT group at Boston University.*

*...of which I am now president-elect :)

<regularly scheduled quenching>


icarus said...

it looks amazing.

you are amazing.

wannatakethisoutside said...


maudite entendante said...

Oh, hot! Congrats on Spectrum, and thanks for a beautiful facelift. (I may have been the only person ever who liked the sidebar arrows, but this is positively gorgeous, and much better.)

Teeny note - I don't know if anyone cares, but Venus Envy is a webcomic, not a blog. *shrug*

bat dor said...

maudite entendante,
1) Thank you, I'm tickled #ffeeff - I mean, pink.

2) I asked Venus Envy how it wished to be addressed, but it didn't reply, and my roommate looked at me kinda funny 'cuz I was talking to my laptop. So I went ahead and made its category inclusive of the term 'comics.'

bat dor said...

Also, at the request of icarus, the quenchistas are now alphabetized. If we get any new authors, someone needs to tell me so I can add their name manually.