April 09, 2006

Oh, Harvey

Why is it that liberals sound intelligent when they appear on conservative talk shows while conservatives on liberal shows do the opposite?

Sorry...rhetorical question.

Harvey Mansfield appeared on the Colbert Report last week. When I watched the video, I almost felt bad for him.


I know Harvey Mansfield has been a topic of much controversy on this site, but I couldn't resist.

Anyway. Check it out. (Right now, the link to the video appears in the second row.)


emily0 said...

Yo, that were some hysterical shit. I was laughing all day long at Mansfield's stoned-ass face. He had no fucking idea what was going on, and it were priceless.

maudite entendante said...

A giggleworthy moment from Colbert's intro: "There's a war on men in this country. Admittedly, it's a poorly-fought war: the other side are all women or gay - not fit for combat. But a war nonetheless."