April 01, 2006

Enigma Machine

For the next two days, you can bid on an honest-to-god Nazi Enigma 3 Walzen Chiffriermaschine Chiper Weltkrieg 1941 - an Enigma Machine, a real one from wartime! Just go here for the English version of the page.

I've set up a photo montage of all the pictures from the eBay page here for your viewing enjoyment.

Kudos to b01NG-b01NG for this phatness.

Also, this is geek-related materials, not Nazi shit. So shut it about Nazis on the Quench website.

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wannatakethisoutside said...

Has anyone read the book "the enigma"? It's a really good book on cryptography for non-cryptography folks and I highly reccomend it. It's super-geeky.

Also, the real reason I'm posting is to say Em0, I'm finally on my way to your place. Sorry I'm later than I planned - activist I'd never met before called me blah blah blah.