March 08, 2006

Thinking about words, part II: have you heard this word?

It's amazing how much my lady mother's e-mails sometimes make me think, if only to try and come up with responses that are informative but not preachy whenever she manages to ask a sincere, non-malicious question about something queerish. Anyway, her most recent one sent me down a long road of explaining why some people don't pursue various procedures involved in medical transition. (Yep, I think she's been watching the Discovery Channel again.)

But it made me wonder if any of y'all had heard a term she had stumbled across. I'm not going to use the term itself here, 'cause she has Mad Google Skillz and I don't want my pseudonymy punctured, but ... you know the Disney character who started life as a puppet and hung out with a sanctimonious cricket and a blue fairy?
Y'know - this one?


Has anyone here heard his name invoked to describe an FTM who is deemed "insufficiently trans," possibly because he hasn't taken T or undergone the "right" surgeries? Sort of the trans version of an "oreo"?

If so, what do you think the origin of this term is?

If not (and, ok, even if so), are there other catty snarky queer in-group terms that you know of to denote insufficient membership in the group? (I can think of a ton of ethnic/Deaf-related ones, but no queer ones so far, except maybe calling queer parents "breeders"...)


tea cozy said...

maybe because the little puppet's not a "real boy"?

whoa, do I feel dirty typing that.

rliswxdg: the internal action of washing your mental mouth out after having internetted something that feels so dirty.

prince eric said...

but doesn't the story of pinnochio teach us that he was a "real boy" (read: real human child) all along? and that it was only lying and pretending to be someone he's not in order to please other people that held him back in the first place? that the whole magic fairy wood-into-flesh business is all just sort of a ruse? (end-of-wizard-of-oz-style, so to speak...)

icarus said...

Prof Halberstam referenced the phrase: "faux-mos" in class last week. I guess that's like hipster-wannabe-homos? Or something?

We also had a 20 minute debate about the word metrosexual. A-mazing.

wannatakethisoutside said...

"self-hating" is used sometimes to describe people who aren't queer enough... It's used to mean other things, too...

LUGs, BUGs, four year queer, there are a million of them. Sometimes "straight-acting" is used in a negative way, or at least to dissociate people from queer communities.

"socially gay, politically straight."

sometimes "closetted" is used in a denegrating way or "closet case."

I think a lot of the bazillion words that are used to insult bi people are related to not being queer enough.

In trans circles, I hear people talk about each others' voices, or hair, or mannerisms and about how they'll "never pass if they keep on like that," but often in ways where the suggestion of what to do to pass is sexist.

Lots of conversations that generally boild down to "genderqueers are just reaping the benefits transsexuals have won while simultaneously deligitimizing them" or "transsexuals are dupes of the gender binary and haven't yet realized the gender revolution yet."

Just some terms I've heard. I'm obviously not endorsing them. Also, I've never heard pinnochio.

Anonymous said...

This is not relevant, but I have to do it:

sexist asshat, Senator William M. Napoli.