March 02, 2006

They Rally 'Round "The Family" with a Pocket Fulla Shells

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

Culture: Gamers' Good News (Newsweek)

March 6, 2006 issue - Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition: Christians are finally getting a high-caliber shoot-'em-up videogame of their own. Due out on PCs in the second half of 2006, Left Behind: Eternal Forces is the first game adapted from the blockbuster books by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins.

Gamers familiar with the largely uninspiring and unprofitable history of Christian videogames will quickly notice two differences in Forces: the top-shelf design, which offers an eerily authentic reproduction of the game's Manhattan setting and a level of violence reminiscent of Grand Theft Auto.

The game revolves around New Yorkers who are "left behind" after the rapture. Players scour the streets for converts, training them into a work force to feed, shelter and join a paramilitary resistance against the growing forces of the Antichrist.

Left Behind Games CEO Troy Lyndon, whose company went public in February, says the game's Christian themes will grab the audience that didn't mind gore in The Passion of the Christ.

"We've thought through how the Christian right and the liberal left will slam us," says Lyndon. "But megachurches are very likely to embrace this game." Though it will be marketed directly to congregations, Forces will also have a secular ad campaign in gaming magazines.

—John Ness

O gods, that is fucking scary.

Also, the Left Behind books suck. I tried to read them, I swear I tried, but o Sweet Mother Artemis they suck. They are incredibly incoherent, utterly incoherent.


daftgiraffe said...

My mom dragged me with her to watch the movie.

Terrible and also weird and scary as hell.

emily0 said...

Speaking of "rallying converts", I finally figured out how to beat the Jawas in Mos Eisley when playing as the Tusken Raiders.

The trick is to make eye contact with other Sandpeople and tell them to follow you. You then have a sweet, tight combat unit that you can keep healed and out of danger.

Tusken Raiders are not good in the close combat with people with area-effect tasers. Normally, your side loses, but if you recruit a personal militia that you can shepherd, you can win the day!

And that, my friends, is my comment on Left Behind and the militia movement. Too stupid to function on their own, but dangerous in a crowd.

As the Sandpeople say, "Dqxypl!"