March 13, 2006

Take Back the Night - looking for poets!

Fwded message:
I am an event coordinator for Take Back the Night 2006, a week of promoting action against and awareness of sexual assault and violence against women* on Wednesday April 12th, and I am working on the annual "In Our Voices" spoken word/poetry performance. I know it is some time away but please let me know if you are at all interested in performing anything from poetry to a monologue. It is always a great event and certainly not limited to women, in fact we would LOVE to have men* perform. So please consider being involved- your piece doesnt have to be personal/autobiographical at all. I look forward to hearing from you!
There will be having a quick read through to get final selections of performers next Monday March 20th (one week from today) between 6 and 7pm. You just need to be prepared to perform your piece once or twice so it shouldnt take more than half an hour of your time.

For any new people who are interested but havent contacted me, you can email me if you would like to participate. It's a great event and we want a nice representation of Harvard talent.
Calypso notes:
Please do not contact her unless you are interested.
*Women/men includes queer/trans/and all possible variations.

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