March 19, 2006

Canadia Woman, 3

This B&B rocks my world. I just had a lovely evening sleeping and using the intarwubs, got up for the most amazing breakfast by our hosts, a visit from her & her partner's neighbours, morning dog-wrestling with their hungryhungry 12yo yellow lab, stalking the cats next door (cats can't resist my charm, no matter how feral) and drinking caffeine.

I'll lay about the B&B today (to the horror of my mother, who will go into Montréal doing mom things, but she's going to be living here ten days, isn't agoraphobic and doesn't have major surgery first thing in the morning). I plan to read, explore the incredible art covering this very French home, sit in the solarium and do intarwubby things, listen to my iPod, practice Qur'ânic Arabic and French, yadda yadda. I also want to plow through Angels & Demons, which is the 'precursor' to The daVinci Code.

Yes, I know it's terrible, but I love mysteries and the movie is coming out and Audrey Tautou, who is my hero, will play Sophie Neveu. Also, A&D is about the Alamūt Nizārī Sevener Ismā'īlī Shīˤa of Dāˤī Hassan as-Sabbāħ - the "Assassins" of legendary fame.

Now, if I could only figure out which direction is South, I'd be in better shape.


tea cozy said...

hey em0 --- I'm listening to rachid taha, finishing up a dildo cozy, and thinking of you. Good luck tomorrow!

tea cozy

raine said...

i, em0, am sitting in the let's go office, listening to cake with phone sex boy, and also thinking of you. you are unbelievable and amazing and superb and wonderful. best of luck.

oh, and max won't stop talking about how hot you are. i don't know anyone who diagrees. ;)

good vibes.

krjkwbk: "un peu du pain" in a ridiculous canadian accent.