February 26, 2006

trans piece in harvard vagina monologues

There was a trans piece in this year's vagina monologues at Harvard. Did you see it? Did you like it?

I liked the format of having several different voices.

What did people think of the piece overall/the process for making the piece?



Datura said...

Si, I saw the Vagina Monologues yesterday and was quite impressed that a trans piece was included, along with a nice intro as to why the trans piece was necessary. Some of my friends who are less educated about trans issues found it to be rather shocking and they learned quite a bit from the pieces. So, I guess it was successful in that most of the people I talked with found it to be enlightening and opened their minds, even if only for a while, to trans issues at Harvard.

I personally enjoyed the pieces and thought they were a nice addition to the orginal Vagina Monologues.

daftgiraffe said...

I thought the monologues themselves were pretty damn awesome. I especially enjoyed "The Gun I Carry is Unlicensed"...The humor made it accessible, and I think it also brought up a lot of really interesting points that most of the audience had likely not considered.

I might have been the only one who thought this, as I didn't get the chance to talk to anyone about them afterwards, but I personally felt like in the future it might be worthwhile to provide a little more exposition as to why the piece in particular thematically relates to the Vagina Monologues. The theme of the night, up to that point, had been a lot of pieces specifically geared towards womanhood and women's issues in particular, and while the trans piece had a lot of absolutely essential stories to tell and information to relate, I felt like, thematically, it seemed like a sudden gear shift. Of course being a woman doesn't mean you have a vagina (and vice versa), but not all of the trans monologues explicitly had women or women's issues at their thematic centers. I feel like it needs to be explained why being nongendernormative is a matter important to all kinds of women everywhere, and why transgender acceptance and rights are issues that specifically fit into VM (they are, but I felt like the connection needed to be made more explicitly).

That said, the actual pieces were phenomenal, and I hope they made as deep an impression as their writing was powerful (did that make sense?).

tea cozy said...

mm... I think a piece about going to get your vagina (travelling like an ancient hero(in/e) to make yourself who you are --- it's so epic, I love it) is INCREDIBLY relevant to the vagina monologues

wannatakethisoutside said...

Also, teh whole aspect of it that was about regulation of genitals - the part where someone will have require certification to prove their right to have a vagina.