February 02, 2006

This is not a joke: more WTFblogging

I just got an email over one of Harvard's Office of Career Services announce lists. You know, where career opportunities are announced by OCS. There have been weird things before, but never anything this... trashy.

Subject: America's Next Top Model -Casting Call

Providence, RI – January 30, 2006 - If you have what it takes to walk with the top models, join UPN 28 at the Warwick Mall on Sunday, February 12, 2006. From 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., UPN 28, in partnership with Coast 93.3, will hold a casting call for Cycle 7 of the UPN smash hit “America’s Next Top Model.”

UPN 28 will select one lucky local who will fly, courtesy of Southwest Airlines, to Los Angeles for the February 25 semi-final casting call. Without having to wait in line, UPN 28’s winner is guaranteed to be one of the first to meet with the show’s casting director.

Wtf, I ask you, wtf?


emily0 said...

The only thing that makes it weirder is that it is being held at the Warwick Mall.

As a native of Providence Plantations (official state name: The State of Rhode Island [i.e. Aquidneck, the island where Newport is located] and Providence Plantations [i.e. the mainland bits]), I can tell you that the Warwick Mall is just about the trashiest, most ghetto mall around. And by ghetto, I don't mean "urban", which is modern code for "brown people"; I mean ghetto like "run-down and full of creepy, toothless, inbred Swamp Yankees, gold-chain-caught-in-chest-hair Eye-talian Stallions with IROC-Zs and their tall-bouffanted females and grotty-haired thuggish Irish malcontents of indeterminate sex."

Incidentally, should anyone be offended by this characterisation, I should note that my family belongs to the last category on one side and is also authentic Swamp Yankee. (The living ones have teeth, but several of the recently deceased ones did not so much...)

icarus said...

i LOVE america's next top model.

the best was first season, with Elyse.

this article describes her final conversation with Tyra:

"Tyra Banks, the show's host, showed Elyse a few clips of herself when she first entered the competition. Beauty, Elyse said on the recording, was purely physical. Models simply had to look pretty. Tyra asked her if her experiences on "Top Model" had caused her to reassess any of her ideas.

...She embarked on a disastrous explanation of how estrogen exposure early in life results in what we consider to be visually pleasing facial features.

Befuddled looks. Whooshing "over my head" motions. And Elyse's swift elimination from the contest."