February 12, 2006

Signs That Worry Me

My mom had to get off the phone for the second time in like the last two days because her hockey game was starting.

Clarification: my family does not watch sports. Ever.

But ever since women's basketball and women's hockey and other women's sports have been broadcasted, my mom has been addicted - and her mother, as well, though she apparently used to watch baseball on TV before the advent of Chicks In Sports.

So I ask you: as her dyke daughter with a bergmannite* sister (rides Harleys, drives the biggest trucks available...), should I wonder?

*Bergmannite: female equivalent of a metrosexual; a lesbian/dyke-appearing woman who is, in fact, a straight woman. Ex: My sister is such a bergmannite: she rides a freaking HARLEY and I won't let her meet my lesbian friends because they'll fall in love with her. Also, her boyfriend is really gay.


wannatakethisoutside said...

You can wonder but certainly don't worry.

I mean, what is there to worry about?

(that is, unless you're afraid she'll steal your girlfriend. then worry away)

maudite entendante said...

Yeah. Your sister *is* pretty hot. Lucky I've never met yo' mama, I guess.

Also, one of the girls who used to live on my floor at Hahvahd is on the US Olympic ice-hockey team, and is the official Queen of the Bergmannites.